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Prospect has not yet been contacted, but their contact information is logged. (Prospect was found either via personal recommendation or via researching out a location that seems desirable.)


Prospect has been contacted, understands PLU is a non-profit that creates theaters for performers with developmental disabilities, and is interested in scheduling a conversation with Kirsti to explore what it’d mean to be resourced by PLU to start and sustain their own theater program for performers with disabilities.

Commission received after phone call between Kirsti + Prospect occurs.


Prospect understands the comprehensiveness of the curriculum and 2-year training timeline. Desires to launch a PLU program and commits to providing the Facility + Creative Team (see brochure) once funds are received for their implementation. Understands they are not expected to provide the funds for the $45K implementation, but that their “Yes” is required before our development team can begin applying for grants and gathering funds on their behalf.

Commission received after grant request for Prospect's funds are approved.


Contract is signed, funds are received, and Training 1 is scheduled.

Commission received after Location signs contract and schedules Training 1.