From educational seminars to evening events, our PEOPLE LIKE US cast loves to speak about their experiences and how your community can help people with disabilities feel empowered and included. As they cater their content to your event, you can expect great stories, loads of laughter, and practical insight on how to move from indifference to inclusion. 

 As a little girl, Kirsti was heavily impacted by the rejection her younger sister experienced as a child with Down syndrome. This painful reality ignited a desire to advocate for those with intellectual disabilities.

Kirsti Mutz, Founder and Executive Director, spent her undergraduate researching society's attitudes towards individuals with intellectual disabilities and the most effective advocacy strategy to address the issue. As a result of her research, Kirsti produced a transformational documentary (in which she produced, directed, casted, filmed, and edited), led a team to packed out the historic Polk Theater with an audience of over 1200 people, and established PEOPLE LIKE US.

Whether empowering audiences to uncover their own resilience or teaching them to embrace the abundance of skills people with disabilities have to offer, Kirsti's contagious enthusiasm and love for storytelling is the perfect feature for your event.