1. Gather Your Creative Team

Finding the right instructors is an exciting task! Your team is the most essential component to your program’s success. It's not unusual for potential instructors to hesitate accepting the opportunity to teach in your troupe, due to feeling unqualified to work with individuals who have disabilities. However, instructors soon discover teaching performers with unique abilities doesn’t greatly differ from teaching performers without disabilities.

It's a privilege for instructors to take part in building this program with you, so do not communicate apologetically. Find people that desire to be a part of your program long-term, as these individuals will be receiving personal PLU coaching, which you want invested into the right people. 

It is up to you whether you desire to utilize volunteers or pay your Creative Team of instructors. If choosing to pay your Creative Team, determine your budget before meeting with your potential hire so you can inform them of the amount they would be hired for. 


The Documentary

If you do not have specific people in mind, reach out to local dance studios, high schools, and theaters. Direct each potential instructor to:

Then, follow up with a personal meeting to discuss how and why this opportunity has come to your community.

Listen to the kind of impact they hope to make with their life. Cast your vision, express your need, and invite them to be a part. If they decline your invitation, take heart! Remember, provision always follows vision. Continue to seek out the right people. We are here to help you find and build your team, as well.

Sample Resources

While your instructors are expected to teach at weekly rehearsals, they will not have to come up with their own content. Provide each person you ask to join your Creative Team with a sample of the curriculum that will be made available to them for their weekly use.

Additionally, consider providing a sample, week-by-week program schedule so each instructor can best understand the flow and structure of a typical program.