Season 3: Post-Production Touchpoint

  1. Production Recap

    • Show Title

    • Approximate audience size?

    • What went well?

    • What was difficult?

    • Best moment?

  2. Exit Survey Responses

    • Gained skills in:

      • “Better listening skills, following directions the first time, improved speech and volume, spatial awareness, friendships.”

      • “Respect, both giving it and receiving. Empathy (He was pretty empathetic to begin with but he is seeing more subtleties in non-verbal communication and body language from others).”

      • “CONFIDENCE in his own ability to succeed.”

      • Consistent instructors who patiently encouraged participation and praised appropriately. Didn’t falsely praise. Set achievable standards and expected reasonable delivery of lines.

      • We have the best instructors at GiGi's indianapolis. Professional. Highly educated. Compassionate yet maintains and produces high expectations. Could NOT ask for better!

      • They are wonderful, they are able to connect with everyone on a personal bases. They know how to get the best performance out of all the participants.

      • Saw statistical growth in TM’s connection and communication skills within both their families and communities.

  3. Go through TA and TM Directories to determine who:

    • Performed

    • Participated (60% of the time)

  4. Problem-solving Attendance

    • Added to exit survey: "If you were absent for more than 80% of rehearsals (2-3 practices), what made it challenging to attend?"

    • Educate parents about the impact of missed attendance.

      • Create a sheet to show parents the graphic between the number of people committed to 80% attendance and the actual number of 80% attendance. Share graphic.

      • At the end of the first rehearsal, send home the printed Rehearsal Schedule (see Resources 20) and ask parents to fill out during first rehearsal, or return at the second rehearsal.

    • Email Reminders

    • Target students who have missed more than 70% or rehearsals and talk with their parent/guardian before singing back up.

    • Incentivize good attendance.

      • Cast on attendance / commitment

      • Sticker sheet

    • At-home Summer Work: Troupe Member’s Guide to the Theater (Guide 2-5)

    • Consider smaller troupe size

  5. Discuss schedule for summer or fall.

    • When is best production time?

    • How can you build your season around times that aren't busy for families (i.e. May, Nov/Dec)?

    • Provide the option for Coaches to video call in to the planning meeting, if helpful to Maggie and Maggie.

  6. Encourage Maggies to watch the Multi-show Production Approach

  7. Review Final Production Checklist.

    • Compare what you’ve already accomplished and what needs to be accomplished.

  8. Review PLU Network Benefits

  9. Additional Coaching Worksheet

  10. Fundraising

  11. Discuss searching for an additional co-director.

    • Student Volunteers

    • Indiana Reparatory Theater

    • Butler Theater Students

    • Ask parents. Kiersten Newby?

    • Ava’s Theater

    • Castleton United Methodist

  12. Additional Questions

    • Do you feel well supported?

    • What do you need?

Hooray 4 Sunny

Who can look at a sunflower and be upset? No one? Right answer. Sunflowers are some of the brightest, most beautiful flowers to ever grace the earth. The story of Sunflower Mae follows closely along the expectations set her namesake. 


Mercedes Lara always knew she wanted to adopt, and when she went on a mission trip to an all special needs orphanage in Haiti, she knew God laid this on her heart. She told her husband, Andy Lara, and after short consideration, he was fully committed to whoever the Lord chose for them.

Today, Sunflower has two little siblings, who she loves completely. The Lara’s are a happy family, and share their adoption story (and all the tales after that) via Instagram, and a YouTube channel to spread awareness for Down Syndrome.

This awesome family puts together some of the best, loveliest videos on the internet, and if you don’t believe me, go check out this one.

When In Doubt Have Fun

Let us be real... reality can be tough sometimes. Jimmy and Jessica show us that in everyday we can find ways to have enjoy our time together even during storms. 


Laugh, love, just have fun.

I truly can't get over the bliss between this couple. You can tell that they choose to be joyful. Even through different obstacles each and every day. I know I get stuck in the thought that every happy couple I see isn't facing any strife. The truth is reality hits everybody and no one has an easy life. The decision to choose happiness and joy over anger and discontent is one we have to work hard to make. 

Jessica reminds us that sometimes she gets sad and instead of staying in the pit, she and Jimmy  do something fun together. The two would rather dance in the rain of the storm, rather than waiting for it to pass.

I once lived with the belief that fun stopped when adulthood began. Am I an adult yet? Sometimes I wonder. What if fun didn't stop but only changed? Maybe we don't play tag like we used to, perhaps due to a loss of young energy. Nathan and I love to hike, so when we are together we take time to go for long walks and hikes in either the Florida breeze or the Aussie "bush". When we aren't together we have fun talking and laughing together, having fun by playing some games like 'Heads Up'. Theres always a way to find joy, to choose to be joyful, like how since meeting Nathan I have taken up puns. A pun, is a play on words, used to try to produce a moan, groan or if you're lucky, a laugh. I, myself, am no good at all but oh is it hilarious to try. 

So, try something new this week, or something old that once made you laugh and smile and tell us about it. 

How do you have fun? And how do you help someone smile when they are down?

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