A+ Advice: Never Go to Bed Angry

Disagreements don't disappear when our heads hit the pillow. In fact this escape to dreamland will only result in more and more conflict. 


I love that this topic is being highlighted. Many times have I made the mistake of going to sleep angry. Truth is we are all different people and will never completely agree on everything. But going to sleep with an angry heart will only breed more anger, and the conflict will soon reappear when you least expect it. 

The enticement of dreamland and escaping from conflict sounds great, but by doing this we set ourselves up for another moment of disagreement. If we were to spend another hour hashing out the issue and coming to a resolution then the problem should never come back in a debilitating fashion. 

I can remember talking to Nathan one night about finances. He worried that putting money away would limit our spontaneous generosity for others. I was always raised to save, and put money away that should not be touched. Of course I budgeted for generosity but in his eyes that put a cap on what we could do for others. Let me just mention that we are both very stubborn individuals. Needless to say we both ended the conversation with little resolution and a lot of unfinished business. The next morning, instead of feeling refreshed from my sleep I felt defensive of my point of view. Instead of lovingly saying good morning, I sent a cold-shouldered text. Then the rest of the day was spent resolving what could have been laid to rest the previous night. 

The moral of my story, and what Jessica and Jimmy are trying to bring awareness for, is to not make our mistakes. Hash out the tough stuff and get down to the nitty gritty. Conflict doesn't have to last forever and it is okay to agree to disagree so long as the situation is discussed. 

One saying that has stuck with me my whole life has been, "every sixty seconds you spend angry or upset, is one minute of happiness you will never get back." - Andy Beirsack

Don't let that happiness you've found with each other slip through your fingers by lacking communication. 

We want to hear from you! Do you have a similar experience? How do you resolve conflict?

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