Deal With It

You've probably heard the adage, "better together" when it comes to living in community. Lauren shares her tips for really living well with others and dealing with conflict when it occurs. WIN.

Living with others is not only a great source of joy, but it is a tool that constantly teaches us. Sharing space with others teaches us effective ways to communicate and live selflessly.

From the beginning Lauren addresses that living with roommates requires sharing. Healthy roommates not only share space, they share responsibilities. So how can you be mindful of responsibilities without becoming a stickler for rules?

Lauren shares how helpful it was for her and her roommates to create a chore list and putting it where everyone can see. Simple, yet so effective! When I was in college my suite mates and I came together to determine house expectations and how we would keep the place clean. From the beginning the chore list held us accountable but also encouraged us to seek out ways to serve one another.

So, real talk.  Life happens, and when it does there will be moments when someone forgets to take out the trash or a dish is left in the sink. Lauren shares about a time she had to scrub her dishes really heard when she forgot wash them earlier in the day. In moments like that it could be easy to get frustrated at the person responsible. Lauren explains the power in helping out a roommate and seeking communication rather than losing your temper with them. Each time we choose to listen rather than react we are choosing to find an opportunity to serve those we live with. 


Living with others is never easy, but when done well it can be so incredibly rewarding! We can always be learning more, so comment your best roommate tips below!

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