Creative with Comfort


There is something to be said about a hug or a squeeze of the hand when feeling low. Countless studies about touch reveals it has the ability to convey meaning that purely words cannot convey. 

When researching how blindfolded people interpret touch, researchers found they were almost always able to identify the correctly intended emotion behind the physical act ( In Jessica and Jimmy’s case holding hands brings comfort, security, and a sense of belonging. Nothing replaces the feeling of being reassured that we aren't alone.

My fiancé and I have a international engagement. We are about as far apart as we can get. (He lives in Perth, Australia and I live in little Lakeland, Florida.) We met when I lived in Australia and last July he asked me to be his wife.

As you can imagine, it is incredibly hard for us to show comfort through physical touch like holding hands. In the 2-3 months we do get to be with each other, we soak up all the hugs and hand holding we can. When we are apart though we find so much comfort in the quality time we shared.

When we talk on the phone, we spend the time away from distractions and just listen to each other’s day, which has greatly developed our communication skills.

We also take it old school and write letters! Oh the joy of opening a letter, sitting back, and having him there with me at some point in my day. The comfort of knowing he is thinking of me helps me to remember that though I spend my days without him, he is always there to support me.

How do you feel comfort? And in what ways do you provide comfort for others during your day to day?

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