Get Your Flirt On

Oh, the bliss of love.

Whether it be young, mature, spunky, or traditional, you just can’t deny those butterflies in your stomach when your someone other flirts with you. 

Let’s get something straight, flirting doesn't have to stop once you're in an “official” relationship. Just yesterday I saw a man flirting with his wife of 58 years and boy, you should've seen the smile on her face and the joyful laughter that followed. 

Isn’t it beautiful to see Jessica and Jimmy’s  gleeful smiles as they discuss who first flirted with who? Couples who are truly in love just make my heart happy. Jessica says it perfectly:

“A person should like you for who you are. Because you’re a nice person.”

It's clear that Jessica and Jimmy give us an example of this with their love for one another.

There's a lot of vulnerability in liking someone for who they really are because you'll find out they have faults and will eventually act selfish in those faults. Flirting is fun, but relationships take work. So if you're not ready to commit to work through conflicts, if you're not ready to choose to be self-less, maybe it's not the best idea to even flirt in the first place.

It's important to note: Sometimes we fail and sometimes we do silly things, but choosing love is choosing to love WHO someone is, despite what they may do wrong.

So, couples of 58 years or couples of 6 months: go for it. Show your special someone how much you like them. And while you’re at it, chose to love them for who they are

Sincerely, Dara


Tell us your thoughts!

In your relationship, who first flirted with who?

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