Karaoke Massage

it Doesn’t matter what you end up doing. if Emma is there, you'RE GUARANTEED to have a good time.

Believe it or not, most people with Down syndrome are going to make mundane tasks more enjoyable. It has nothing to do with their ability to complete tasks or their disability; people with Down syndrome have infectious joy and happiness. They have a way of taking a chore you were dreading and turning it into a memory you will never forget.


Not only will people with Down syndrome surprise you with their ability to change your outlook on a chore, but they will surprise you with just their ability! Like Emma, most people with Down syndrome are going to be able to lead very productive lives. They are able to cook, clean, carry out daily household activities, but they are also physically able to accomplish so much. There are people with Down syndrome that are far more physically able than I and the majority of the United States are. Down syndrome comes with its list of complications, but I have yet to meet someone with Down syndrome that has not conquered those and more.


Yes, people with Down syndrome are able, but that is not what makes them remarkable. Yes, Emma can make scrambled eggs, but it isn’t because she can complete a typical skill that makes her so incredible. People with Down syndrome have this contagious kind of love. It’s not that Emma learned how to ride a bike; it’s the attitude and pride she radiates now that she accomplished what she has been working for. The gratitude she shows for the help she received, and the love she acquired for the simplicity of riding a bike. The typicality of people with Down syndrome is not what makes them so special. It is the love and joy they bring to almost every circumstance the are in.


- Analia Rodriguez - 

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