Theme Park Champion

Whether you're planning a trip to the mall or you're a Florida resident with Disney in your backyard any group hangout can be maximized with proper planning. 




Lauren reminds us to always have a communication plan in place. Crowded places make it difficult for groups to stay together so having everyone's numbers and a designated meeting space is key. 

Pro tip: Make matching t-shirts to stand out in the crowd

Plan Ahead

We all know there comes a moment when someone is separated from the group. You've been snapping memorable photos & maybe even live streaming someone meeting Mickey. Great for the moment, but now when you need your phone the most your battery is at negative percent. Avoid this by bringing portable phone charger or phone charger case like this one

Another way to preserve your phone is to be prepared for the inevitable random rain showers, extra dose of humidity, or even dousing from a water ride that may come your way. Keep your phone safe & get a water proof phone case

Snack Well

Theme Parks and malls alike have novelty food items that make it very hard for you and your stomach to resist. Instead of breaking the bank on snacks all day, you can save a few extra dollars by bringing your own special snacks. A bag of trail mix or granola bars can sustain you through the day AND you can save your money for a treat that is really special. Can someone say turkey leg?! 

Pro tip: If you're hanging out at a theme park be sure to check the food guidelines online beforehand


There you have it, three simple tips and you too can be a theme park champion just like Lauren. Now what about you? Comment your pro tips for hanging out in a group below!





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