He's a Keeper

So you just had a date and all your friends are begging to know if he's keeper. 

Sometimes the answer is clear within the first few minutes. Lauren describes a guy who is more interested in the waitress than his date. Can you say, "Check please!" But what about when it isn't that obvious, how do you know if he is a "dud or a stud", especially if it's the first date? 

Well let's start with the fact that, it is the first date.

Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself to figure out if he is the one after only sharing one meal. Yes, you can tell a lot about a person in a short amount of time, but allow yourself to have the grace of getting to know someone and in time it will be clear. 

So what can you tell?

Typically, on a first date you're both sharing about yourself. Take this time to get acquainted with each other's goals, hobbies, and interests. Interests don't make up the entirety of a person, but they do give a good indication of if and how you both could enjoy time together. 

What about the less obvious stuff?

Ladies, you want a guy who is mature, respectful, and caring. The extent to which your fella may have these characteristics can take some time to flesh out, but a keen eye can help you to not overlook them.

Lauren talks about a dud who chews with his mouth open. It may seem like a small thing, but table manners can be a good indicator of respect. 

*Fellas, need a brush up on table manners? Click here.

This may be the first time you both are interacting so you may have limited knowledge in how he treats others. Watch how he interacts with your waiter or waitress. Take note on how he engages with those around you. Little interactions can say a lot about the character of someone. 



It may seem like there is a lot to think through when you are getting to know someone, but with these tips in mind sit back, relax and don't forget to have fun in the process!

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