Ni hao

Nǐ hǎo

I’m going to China.

There’s an incredible thing happening there. It began with the story of this little boy who was adopted into America, terminally ill, given a wish from the “Make-A-Wish-Foundation,” and wished his family could go back to China, where they spent time helping in the orphanage he grew up in.


Anyhow, a woman involved with this organization found out about PEOPLE LIKE US and got in touch.  Last time she visited China, she went into a back room of the government orphanage where they had a child who was an albino and a handful of children with Down syndrome.  They are considered “unlucky,” so they are often neglected. 

Grace Village (a private foster home that takes the children with disabilities from the government orphanage and houses them in a healthy environment, so they can live long enough to be adopted) exists to rescue them out. 

And I'm getting to visit.  Now, the process for moving these children into a home where they can thrive is a complex one, but you can get involved in making it a reality here.  I’m not entirely sure what to expect on this trip. I guess I just expect to see how much a problem still exists and still needs to be addressed. To see why the PEOPLE LIKE US story still needs to spread.

I don’t have a salary yet; there are not enough funds to do everything PEOPLE LIKE US dreams of doing. 

And yet the amazing woman who invited me to come along is covering my flight. AH-MAZING.

But my head still objects. I have to pay for a VISA, pay to expedite that VISA, for food, hotels, etc., etc. Sometimes I feel stupid for not taking another job; like I'm too naïvely optimistic for giving my effort to a movement that doesn't financially provide...

And then people like Janice come along.

We had a dinner thanking the families involved in the documentary and talking about the direction of the non-profit.  I made one remark about going to China.

The next morning, my mom laid a check on my desk.

I called to thank Janice for her donation to PEOPLE LIKE US, and she simply said, “Well, I know you’re going to China and I want to be sure you’re taken care of.” 

Visas, food, hotel – covered. I'm freed to go.

But I guess that’s how manna works: Never early and right on time.

Obedience to those nudges in your heart is never naïvely optimistic; it’s trusting God’s provision.

I'm so thankful for the generosity of the PEOPLE LIKE US community and the provision I daily receive from God.

So, here’s to China. And here's to a life full of the unknown. 

It's not like my plan-loving self is bothered that much anyway. ;)



Does it bother you not to have everything planned out and guaranteed? Comment below! 

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