Season 3: Post-Production Touchpoint

  1. Production Recap

    • Show Title

    • Approximate audience size?

    • What went well?

    • What was difficult?

    • Best moment?

  2. Exit Survey Responses

    • Gained skills in:

      • “Better listening skills, following directions the first time, improved speech and volume, spatial awareness, friendships.”

      • “Respect, both giving it and receiving. Empathy (He was pretty empathetic to begin with but he is seeing more subtleties in non-verbal communication and body language from others).”

      • “CONFIDENCE in his own ability to succeed.”

      • Consistent instructors who patiently encouraged participation and praised appropriately. Didn’t falsely praise. Set achievable standards and expected reasonable delivery of lines.

      • We have the best instructors at GiGi's indianapolis. Professional. Highly educated. Compassionate yet maintains and produces high expectations. Could NOT ask for better!

      • They are wonderful, they are able to connect with everyone on a personal bases. They know how to get the best performance out of all the participants.

      • Saw statistical growth in TM’s connection and communication skills within both their families and communities.

  3. Go through TA and TM Directories to determine who:

    • Performed

    • Participated (60% of the time)

  4. Problem-solving Attendance

    • Added to exit survey: "If you were absent for more than 80% of rehearsals (2-3 practices), what made it challenging to attend?"

    • Educate parents about the impact of missed attendance.

      • Create a sheet to show parents the graphic between the number of people committed to 80% attendance and the actual number of 80% attendance. Share graphic.

      • At the end of the first rehearsal, send home the printed Rehearsal Schedule (see Resources 20) and ask parents to fill out during first rehearsal, or return at the second rehearsal.

    • Email Reminders

    • Target students who have missed more than 70% or rehearsals and talk with their parent/guardian before singing back up.

    • Incentivize good attendance.

      • Cast on attendance / commitment

      • Sticker sheet

    • At-home Summer Work: Troupe Member’s Guide to the Theater (Guide 2-5)

    • Consider smaller troupe size

  5. Discuss schedule for summer or fall.

    • When is best production time?

    • How can you build your season around times that aren't busy for families (i.e. May, Nov/Dec)?

    • Provide the option for Coaches to video call in to the planning meeting, if helpful to Maggie and Maggie.

  6. Encourage Maggies to watch the Multi-show Production Approach

  7. Review Final Production Checklist.

    • Compare what you’ve already accomplished and what needs to be accomplished.

  8. Review PLU Network Benefits

  9. Additional Coaching Worksheet

  10. Fundraising

  11. Discuss searching for an additional co-director.

    • Student Volunteers

    • Indiana Reparatory Theater

    • Butler Theater Students

    • Ask parents. Kiersten Newby?

    • Ava’s Theater

    • Castleton United Methodist

  12. Additional Questions

    • Do you feel well supported?

    • What do you need?

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