The Verdict

The Verdict 

Have you ever thought something was the case that it’s not?

For instance, while growing up my mom made me eat the crust of the bread because, “It’s the most nutritious part.”  When in reality, Mom, all parts of the bread have the same level of nutrition, it’s just that the crust is cooked more than the middles. (The worst part about that story, is that it wasn’t until last year that I realized that about bread…)

Or take this summer – when I still thought it was common that all people my age went through a “Toy Story” phase. You know, the phase when you're a kid that you think your toys come alive, so whenever you shut the door, you walk away loudly (to trick the toys, of course), and then tip toe back to your bedroom to peak under the door and watch for your toys to come alive. Yeahhh, after talking to some people my age about it, I guess that was just the case for me...

Well recently, I thought God had forgotten about the whole PEOPLE LIKE US movement. 

I knew that couldn’t be the case, but I just felt maybe it was coming to a conclusion…

until I came home today and opened the mail.

The Polk Theater wrote us a check. Wrote US a check!  For over $1000… Because they believe in the importance of PEOPLE LIKE US, they only billed us for actual costs, and graciously waived the fees in order to support the movement.


Circumstances change -- I like the crust of bread now; I don’t expect my toys to come to life.

God doesn’t -- He always provides; his steadfast love is always faithful to carry out his work unto completion.


I’m convinced that a lot of the times I haven’t experienced the blessing of God because I haven’t held out long enough. I haven’t waited on God.

“Those who wait on God should renew their strength…” My prayer for me (and you, too) is that when you find yourself waiting on God, you’d do what you need to do to renew your strength. Maybe it’s listening to worship music.  Maybe it’s painting.  Maybe it’s getting around the right people who encourage you.  Whatever it is, keep on keeping on.

God has not forgotten you; that’s just not the case.



Have you ever felt that you or something you care about has been forgotten? Tell us below!

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