Check it Out

Guess what’s due today? Why, the electric bill!

Come and see how Brittnie delivers, if you will.


For today is the day when this payment is due.

And Brittnie’s here to teach a lesson to you and me. 

In case we’ve forgotten just how capable our friends with special needs truly are, Brittnie once again proves everyone the PEOPLE LIKE US concept. 


For each one of us, God has made the ultimate payment from his heavenly checkbook. The date was the very first Christmas. The gifts were hope, forgiveness, and everlasting life through His one and only son. And the reason on the for line was because “God so loved the world” (John 3:16). God could have written anyone’s name on the recipient line of this blank check. He chose to write yours, and mine, and Brittnie’s, and every single one of his beloved sons and daughters.


This giving of this special gift predates our existence but will last an eternity. When we recognize this great sacrifice of love, we are able to cash it in. It has cleared the books. And it is a truth we can draw on time and again.


Simply put, it pays to have this mindset. It just adds up. After all, this is a fact which will never bounce.


Why not make a deposit into our comment section here? Tell us what you think about the gift from God you've so freely been given this year.



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