Truth Be Told: It Just Makes Cents

Five, ten, fifteen, twen’y,

Here’s our friend Brittnie to count her money . . .

To her credit, Brittnie has successfully demonstrated that people with disabilities are just like you and me. With the help of Washington and Lincoln, she has shown us how important it is to subtract any notions to the contrary and withdraw from our mind’s treasury the idea that our friends with special needs can’t participate in certain activities.


We’re counting on you to help us change this stereotype, which our world cannot afford. Together, we must account for common misconceptions and no longer make allowances for misguided thoughts and actions. And it all starts with banking on a fact Brittnie already knows—our friends with disabilities are simply PEOPLE LIKE US! After all, it just makes cents.


P.S. I’d just love to go on that shopping spree with Brittnie, wouldn’t you?


Penny for your thoughts? Comment below to tell us about a time when you stood up for a friend or family member who was considered different. How did your support make him/her feel? How did taking a stand make you feel?

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