Your Grandparents Were Right

You know how your grandparents always used to tell you that communication is key? It turns out they were right. 

Getting to know each other better with communication. 

Communicating with one another is beneficial in so many ways. As Jessica and Jimmy mention, it’s a way to get to know each other. As individuals, we are extremely unique and no one person is the same. As we grow and change, it's important to talk about changes along the way.

And if you don't think you change, think back to high school. I don’t know about you, but that's a pretty different me. And if people were to still be dealing with that version of me, there'd be a lot of frustration for me. 

As I reflect back on this year I've been through many seasons of communicating and many seasons with a lack thereof.

What I've noticed is that as my fiancé and I talked through different parts of our days, we really were drawn closer together. We live on the opposite ends of the world, so we really have to practice our communication skills. When we don't, we are brutally reminded of the physical and relational distance between us.

However, when we are strong communicators that distance fades incredibly.

Without communication we live separate lives together; with communication our lives are intertwined in a durable fashion.

I like to think about how gluing two strings together vs. adding a third string and braiding them all together. The third string is communication, it isn't just a piece of the puzzle but an essential element for a lasting, healthy relationship.

Apply resistance to these two combinations, and the strings that are glued together easily split, while the braided strands hold together.

Jessica and Jimmy reassure us that there are plenty of ways to communicate with one another. We can talk face to face, over coffee, on the phone, and of course through FaceTime! 

It may be hard to get the conversation flowing in the beginning or after a long day at work, so try putting a bunch of questions (serious or silly) in a box. As you sit over dinner, pull one out and take turns answering.

You can count on much laughter and many memories to follow soon after.




Tell us your thoughts!

Do you find communication easy? How do you go about discussing the tough things?

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