In-person visits

Face-to-face contact is far more effective than phone calls and emails. As much as possible, aim to make contact in-person. Meeting in-person at the beginning of the process builds the report required to continue communication through phone calls and email, because Prospect can put a face to a name, and PEOPLE LIKE US is less of an idea and far more a tangible person and reality.

If you have a Prospect who you feel is close to a "Yes," but can't quite get there:

  • Ask if someone from PEOPLE LIKE US can visit and present the opportunity at their next board meeting
  • Let Kirsti know so she can plan an in-person trip

If you have a Prospect that is avoiding you or has suddenly become quiet and difficult to get in touch with, it's common they are facing a problem they don't want to tell you about. Try communicating: 

  • “Problems and road blocks don’t intimidate us; if you're coming across something that seems problematic, please let me know. My job is to find solutions to roadblocks so your community can experience this transformational program. I'm happy to help!"


It's a Process

Anticipate a slow and steady process. It's not unusual to be passed around 7-10 times before getting on the phone with the right person. Don’t be discouraged and keep at it.

It’s not unusual to have 20 “no’s” for 1 “yes.” You can do this.

Don't takes your Prospect's first "no." Seek deeper to find out what the specific issue is, and brainstorm with Kirsti how that issue can be resolved. 


THe documentary

Getting the Prospect to watch the documentary is the key that unlocks the process, because it does the persuasion for you! Once they get buy-in from the PLU cast, your role is simply to fill in the practical information:

  1. PEOPLE LIKE US provides 2-years of coaching and curriculum

  2. They provide a Facility + Creative Team

  3. Completion of the 2-year training qualifies them as PEOPLE LIKE US Affiliates with the following benefits:

Timeline + Benefits.png


Writing Emails

  1. "People Like Us" should always be written as PEOPLE LIKE US.

  2. Communicate concisely and clearly.

  3. If you do not use proper punctuation and grammar, prospects lose interest and respect. Remember, you are a direct representation of PEOPLE LIKE US, and your grammar matters. 

  4. Sign the end of every email as:

Your Name



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