For two years, our coaches walk alongside you, training and resourcing you with what you need to launch your PLU Theater program with confidence and clarity.

At the end of your implementation, you are able to receive PLU Theater certification and join the network of theaters for performers with disabilities as a certified PLU Affiliate. Certified PLU Affiliates receive:

  • Continued access to:

    • Raising the Curtain Curriculum

    • Online portal

    • Choreography

    • Scripts

    • Score, Music, Accompaniment, and Vocal Recordings

    • Copying and Reproduction Permissions

    • Performance Licenses

  • Premiere access to new shows, scripts, and resources

  • Customized poster, playbill, and print designs, when requested

  • Continued access to PLU Coaches

  • Marketed as a location by PEOPLE LIKE US

  • Support Center Priority

  • Eligible for PLU scholarships

Check-ins and Benchmark Assessments

You will direct a minimum of 4 programs during your 2-year implementation. Throughout these programs, our PLU coaches will continue resourcing you via phone calls and online assessments.