6. Spread the News

You will still have time to gather your troupe and recruit TAs after Training 1, but once your creative team is gathered, Training 1 is scheduled, and your agreement is received, there's no reason to keep from starting to spread the news about your program!


Troupe Members

Consider reaching out to the following organizations in your community to gather your troupe members:



Creative Team.png

TAs, or “theater assistants,” are peer-volunteers in your troupe who do not have an intellectual disability. They participate in classes and rehearse alongside your troupe members who have disabilities. TAs are present to assist instructors and offer individualized, focused help to other troupe members. The friendships that form between TAs and troupe members are vitally influential in the relational and social development of both parties.


When recruiting TAs for your program, remind them that all their time spent in the troupe can be counted as community service hours. Consider the following places when recruiting your teaching assistants:



If questions arise as to what your program will entail, you can always direct them to grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the documentary here. Accessing a free rental provides the perfect explanation for what to expect. In addition, it helps your volunteers and families to understand the importance and purpose behind your program.

If you need additional tools or assistance in recruiting your troupe members and/or TAs, please do not hesitate to reach out to the PLU team so we can assist you.


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