PEOPLE LIKE US provides personal, on-site coaching to your creative team over the course of a 2-year implementation. Upon completion, your community is eligible to become PEOPLE LIKE US certified, join the network of PLU theaters, and retain the resources required to sustain their theater troupe for performers with intellectual disabilities. 

“The PEOPLE LIKE US team has done a phenomenal job showcasing the strengths and abilities of special needs individuals.”
— Maureen McGowan, Lakeland Community Theater, Education Director
I thought every minute was well used! This was a stimulating, inspiring, and fun workshop that I am thrilled to have been a part of!
— GiGi's Playhouse Indianapolis



Raising the Curtain combines years of research, development and expertise to equip communities to teach, cast, rehearse, and platform performers with intellectual disabilities. From waivers and applications to casting evaluation guides, this resource is an indispensable component to each troupe’s success.


Folklore and Fairy Tales, an original PLU production, is also included within the curriculum to provide your team with a dozen shows crafted specifically for performers with intellectual disabilities.




It’s not long after a troupe begins that members are ready to perform. Yet popular productions do not lend themselves to the language or non-verbal nature of people who have disabilities. Furthermore, copyright restrictions do not allow for lines, language, or characters to be adjusted from the original script. Therefore, PEOPLE LIKE US crafted Folklore and Fairy Tales, a collection of twelve shows that cater to the interests, humor, potential, and ability of people with disabilities.

PEOPLE LIKE US grants full permission to alter the scripts’ language upon email confirmation from the Executive Director, so it best caters to the unique abilities of each particular troupe. The original songs are supplemented by rehearsal tracks, accompaniment tracks, and instructional choreography videos.