Training One

Training One should occur 1-3 months prior to your Season One launch date. This ensures you have ample time to recruit and prepare for your program after learning everything you need for a successful launch.

Call 863.698.1470 or send an email to with 3-5 dates that everyone on your Creative Team is available for the 2-day training.  Our team will then respond with a confirmed date for your on-site training.

Training One provides you with the education, curriculum, scripts, score, choreography, costume designs, set designs, marketing, and other digital resources required to run your first two 12-16 week semesters. At the conclusion of your second program, your troupe will perform an informal showcase for family and friends. This allows your Creative Team, troupe, TAs, and general volunteers to experience all aspects of putting on a performance in a low-risk way.

Your Creative Team will have continued contact with PEOPLE LIKE US coaches through both over-the-phone and digital Benchmark Assessments.

These regular conversations provide PEOPLE LIKE US with the necessary insight required to ensure your program’s smooth functioning. We’re here for you every step of the way!

Additional check-ins beyond those listed can be scheduled for no additional cost. Additional on-site coaching from PLU can be arranged at an additional cost.

Training Two

Training Two will be scheduled at a later time for the start of your second year. This one day training supplements your Creative Team’s PLU Theater education through the following workshops:

  • Publicity Training

  • Connect with the Community (Publicity, Social Media)

  • Connect with PLU (Licensing, Culture, Standards)

  • Grants, Donors, and Funding

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 2.34.04 PM.png

In addition, Training Two includes an afternoon workshop for your troupe’s TAs. This fun, immersive workshop provides your TAs with a greater understanding of their peers with developmental differences and helps them to explore the micro and macro level impact they can have in their community.

Benchmark Assessments will continue throughout Season 3 and Season 4, and both semesters will produce a Folklore and Fairy Tale production.

At your final production, your troupe will be evaluated for PEOPLE LIKE US Certification, so you may continue as a PLU Affiliate after your implementation, and therefore qualify for additional consultation and resources as you continue your program.

Are you getting excited?! We’re getting closer to launch!

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