The response was OUTSTANDING from our Middle School and High School students. At the end of the film right before the closing credits when “PEOPLE LIKE US” flashes on the screen, our kids sincerely erupted in cheers. It moved our student body.
— Joseph Klein, Headmaster, WHCS


Children with disabilities are 2-3 times more likely to be bullied than their nondisabled peers[1], and the vast majority of students who bully are often unconsciously unaware of why they belittle people with disabilities. In addition, research2 shows that the effects of bullying cost the average school a conservative estimate of $21,600 annually.



PEOPLE LIKE US takes anti-bullying education to the next level by captivating the hearts of its participants before simply educating their minds.  PEOPLE LIKE US empowers students to understand individuals who have disabilities and inspires them to engage, rather than exclude, those who seem different. By educating this generation about the capabilities of individuals with disabilities, they learn to not only embrace them in the present, but also to consciously create opportunities of inclusion for them in the future.

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The film and your dialogue helped plant seeds for present and future personal growth. The movie introduced my students to real people with feelings the same as theirs. As the individuals in the movie shared their life testimonies, the apparent gap that separates what may have been awkward and unfamiliar was decreased.
— Sue Wilsman, Coach

“I grew up with a heart condition and had numerous physical disabilities. This documentary hit home in so many ways and was so beautifully done.”

Annemarie Ward

One student (who has a sister with Downs) texted his mom during the film and said “Mr. Klein is showing a film and its making me cry”. We wont punish the student for unauthorized use of his cellphone :). Teacher feedback with discussions afterwards have been 100% positive.
— Joseph Klein, Headmaster
It’s a film that compassionately proclaims that everyone is able to offer great value to the world, regardless of which way we came into it. I hope teachers will empower their students to understand the unlimited gifts PEOPLE LIKE US bring to relationships and communities.
— Brooklyn Lindsey,
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