We’re People Like Us

We help educators use the performing arts to create better learning
for students with developmental disabilities.

We all want a meaningful role in life…

… but people with disabilities are often given no part to play.

At People Like Us, we believe the performing arts are key to teaching children with developmental differences life skills they’ll carry into adulthood.

All while having fun!


of parents report growth in their child’s ability to communicate within their families


of peer student performers “strongly agree” that People Like Us helped them become more comfortable with their peers who have developmental differences

Get the continuing education you need to make the difference you want.

Whether you’re looking for curriculum, lesson plans, a few activities, or a full consultation, we’ll give you the support you and your students deserve.

Making your classroom more inclusive doesn’t have to be complicated.

A few small changes can create a lifelong impact.

By implementing the People Like Us curriculum, your students will gain improved social and communication skills, increased self-regulation, and workforce readiness.

And platforming these performers is a critical exercise in self-advocacy, helping students transform
their own—and society’s—expectations.

People Like Us gives me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and to show my talents to those who haven’t seen an inclusive performance. Plus it shows a connection of how we are the same as our peers. We just do things a little different.

Lauren Staley, Consultant and Performing Artist with a Disability

People with disabilities can do so much more.

Too often, society underestimates and undermines people with disabilities.

Honestly, I did, too… until my sister Emma, born with Down syndrome, performed in her first theater production and showed me exactly what she’s capable of.

In those moments, the idea for People Like Us was born.

Since then, we’ve assembled a team of educators, therapists, advocates, and performers with disabilities to develop arts-based curriculum so students of all abilities can thrive.

Kirsti Lewis, Founder and Executive Director

Staff, Teaching Artists, & Consultants


Allison Ballard has a Master of Arts in dance movement psychotherapy. As an artist, she uses her skills to help people with disabilities explore their creative potential. She’s worked with this population for more than 25 years.


Cameron Hayes studied vocal performance at Florida State University before becoming a middle- and high-school educator in Central Florida. 

Performing Artist, Instructor

Christena Barcelo is a performer with William’s Syndrome. She’s been expressing herself through dance since she was a little girl.


John Pierce has performed in community and professional theaters for more than 40 years. He’s taught theater at the high school and collegiate level. His daughter, Ella, has Down syndrome.

Executive Director, Consultant, Instructor

Kirsti Lewis founded People Like Us in 2016 and consults with organizations across the country to help them build their own sustainable, inclusive programs. She currently serves as an Executive Board member for Georgia’s Council of Exceptional Children.

Consultant, Board Member, Instructor

Kristi Brown is a gifted speaker and songwriter. She’s performed both nationally and internationally as a recording artist and vocal instructor. She’s worked in continuing education since 2002.

Consultant, Performing Artist, Instructor

Lauren Modawell is a performer with an unknown intellectual disability and rare genetic disorder. Her lived experience gives her a unique perspective on the intersection of art and disability.


Maria Swann is a coach and vocalist who has been performing music for the last 15 years.


Meka King is a vocalist with Sonflower Joy Music. She’s a lifelong performer and has been a featured singer with The Walt Disney Company, Cirque Du Soleil, and national and international touring productions.


Nancy Laudon is professionally trained ballerina with a lifelong passion for dance and choreography.


Preston Pujol has been dancing and choreographing for more than 15 years. He’s performed in shows from Central Florida to New York City and works with Lakeland Community Theater’s inclusive troupe.

Performing Artist, Instructor

Sean Holland has a developmental disability and has been performing in musical theater for more than a decade.


Sydney Prewitt is a speech therapist who works with students who have a variety of diagnoses, including ASD and Down syndrome. She has an extensive background in the performing arts and volunteered with her inclusive theater troupe throughout high school.

Program Director, Consultant, Instructor

Dr. Victoria You is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy. She specializes in pediatrics and sensory integration, primarily providing therapeutic services to patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Board of Directors


Donna Lee Buckner, MSEd, EdD

  • 30-year veteran, Florida Public School system
  • President Board Director, Florida Educational Research Association
  • Member, National Association of Test Directors
  • Executive, Lakeland Institute for Learning


Bill Mutz, BA

  • Mayor of Lakeland, Florida
  • Parent of adult with Down Syndrome
  • Active board member for more than 20 nonprofit organizations
  • Businessman in a variety of industries for more than 45 years
  • Chairman, Florida Family Policy Council

Board Member

David Wood, BA, MS, PhD

  • Served as a teacher, curriculum consultant, school principal, college professor, and director of exceptional student services
  • Recipient, Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Recipient, National Leadership Award
  • Served on multiple non-profit boards advocating for individuals with disabilities
  • Parent to adult with a disability

Board Member

Craig Collins, MEd, EdD

  • 39-year career in education
  • Interim Associate Vice President, Corporate and Leadership Development – Polk State College
  • Managing Consultant, Sterling Creative Consultants
  • Board Member, Florida Children’s Museum
  • Past President, Florida School Music Association and Arts Schools Network

Board Member

Kristi Brown

  • Speaker and songwriter
  • Vocal instructor (30 years), vocalist (42 years), and recording artist
  • 20+ year career in continuing education
  • Music Works and Music and Memory Program Coordinator
  • Owner, Danjo Properties
  • Consultant for inclusive arts programming 

It all began with a documentary.

“The film was a shot across the bow—a reminder that we have the capability and responsibility to do good.”

-Bill Rhey, CS Dean of the Barney Barnett School of Business & Free Enterprise

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